tkrDo you watch movies or TV shows or listen to favorite albums as you drift off to sleep at night? I certainly do. I usually wake up obsessed with knowing every detail about the entertainer or how the project came to fruition. The Kinser Report (I’ll pause while you applaud — or groan — at the pun) is the result of my obsessions and is devoted to the appreciation of films, television series, music, entertainers, pop culture phenoms which are just slightly off-kilter — the underdogs, if you will. Here you can expect to find musings on rebellious players who bucked the system. Sometimes they won against all odds, while other times they were defeated in humiliation. You’ll also see photos of homes of Golden Age stars, as well as their final resting places (there are few things I enjoy more than visiting celebrity graves). There will also be relevant conversations with celebrities I’ve interviewed over the years. Kick back, relax and I’ll try to show you a good time.

JK LOH[The site is the creation of writer Jeremy Kinser, whose work has been published by numerous magazines and web sites, including Sundance, Du Jour, Palm Springs LifePaperThe Advocate, Out, NewNowNext and Frontiers.]

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